03 February 2010


Lost: Time for reading
Last seen: Washington, D.C. (fall semester)
If found: Please return to Julia F. Costa
Reward: Um, free childcare services for month and brownies. How does that sound?

I have a few things I'd like to discuss here today but alas, I'm running out the door to a lovely 4-year-old named Danny and his younger sister, Georgia. While the snow is breathtaking it does add a little time to travel and definitely adds a significant chunk of time to preschool pick up/drop off.

So instead of a few things I leave you with this article that the Guardian Book Blog dropped into my reader this morning. It's called "Who stole our reading time?" A fun, inspiring, quick read reminding us all of what's been said before and what should be said again. A potential rebranding of reading? Maybe more on that later.

Here's a taste.
"Obviously media such as the internet offer enormous benefits to (you wouldn't be reading this otherwise), but they also glide easily into the surface world of sleek illusions and infinite chatter which surrounds us. And have you seen Avatar? Have you seen what they can do now? Call me melodramatic, but I am beginning to feel like the protagonist in some SF dystopia myself, having his own thoughts erased, and liking it."
I'm off now. Should you need me, I'll be reading each and every Maisy book to an enthralled 2-year-old who's heard them all before. Oh, and I'll be dreaming of my sophomore year literature classes when time to read was never an issue.

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