02 February 2010

Kitchen Project #5: Birthday Brownies

Everything is fine in moderation, right? Sure. This rule, however, flies out the window when a birthday comes to town. It's my personal belief that on one's birthday one should throw caution to the windiest windstorm and act with reckless abandon. It's your pick: sky dive, eat an entire chocolate cake, ignore your Blackberry...you've been given a 24 hour hall pass and I believe it should be put to good use. Three of my nearest and dearest are celebrating birthdays this week and since the squandering of birthday magic is a Cardinal sin in my book I decided to ship a little sugar out to each of them. I suppose I'm what you'd call an enabler, huh?

I don't think anything screams indulgence more than chocolate and peanut butter. With a little help from Deb (of the famed Smitten Kitchen) these cakelets came to be. I can't really call them brownies, but I can't really call them blondies or cake, either. I think I'll just call them delicious.

And a happy Tuesday to you.

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