08 February 2010

The death of "kerfuffle" and other newsworthy items

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted anything pertaining to publishing. Namely:
  1. Snowmaggedon/SnOMG, Snowpocolypse II...I'm choosing to call the whole thing Snowgate, only because studying in D.C. for four years left me with a tendency to attach "gate" should the opportunity present itself. 
  2. Amazon and Macmillan officially killed the noun, "kerfuffle." RIP kerfulffle, you were a fun one. My favorite two cents on the ordeal: 
Lengthy naptimes today allowed for loads of time to read. (tag: # nannyingoccasionallyrocks) Listed below are the headlines that caught my eye long enough to click past the jump (and were well worth the read time). 
I will be making this carrot cake, which I will then frost with this dulce de leche buttercream. Who doesn't love a birthday?

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