27 January 2010


In a few short minutes I will be heading out the door to a nanny job--separated from my beloved Internet until 11pm this evening.  Before I leave, I would simply like to acknowledge that it's T[ablet]-day and not a day I want to miss.  Check out this lovely tidbit in which Kate of The New Sleekness applies the 5 stages of grief to the Apple Tablet.

"For those not familiar, the 5 stages of grief are the typical steps one goes through when dealing with a stressful event. Usually it’s applied to grief over the death of a loved one. I argue that it can be applied to the birth of the Apple Tablet.
  1. Denial: “Pfft. It’s just an iPhone on steroids. How could you possibly want to read on that thing? No one reads on an iPhone anyway.”
  2. Anger: “What the hell are these secret ‘big six’ meetings about?! Why isn’t Apple meeting with us?! And now, waitaminute, Amazon has APPS TOO?”
  3. Bargaining: “Ok – we’ll wait for the announcement. We’ll see how many people buy it. Maybe Pogue’s review will help us make a decision.”
  4. Depression: ::Sigh:: “What’s the point of it all? Can’t we just keep doing what we’ve always done? This whole digital thing is confusing.”
  5. Acceptance: “Ok. The announcement came through. Let’s grab one for the company, tinker around with it for a bit and keep an eye on the reviews. Our eBook vendor apps are probably going to be available on the Tablet, so let’s give them a buzz and confirm they’re going to work with Apple on making our books available. There might be some money here…”
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Pssssst: Tune in at 12:30 for a livestream show hosted by Crunch Gear's John Biggs and NonSociety's Meghan Asha

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