28 January 2010

Hey, Babycakes (Kitchen Projects 3&4)

On Saturday I'm off to DC to attend a "Too Young to Feel Old" party. The plan is to have an old school sleepover and I'm sure it will be a fete for the record books. I tend to shy away from baking cupcakes unless I have an event to bring them to because, well let's face it, no one really wants cupcakes lying around the house just waiting to be eaten. Lucky me, because this event is practically begging for cupcakes.

Keeping in theme with "old school," I chose strawberry jam-filled cakes topped peanut butter icing and cookies & cream cupcakes frosted with creamy, oreo icing.

Recipes: PB&J (via BGSK) and Cookies & Cream (via How to Eat a Cupcake)

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