03 January 2010

On Change:

"This is the decade when book publishing will (finally) be transformed from a business that chops down trees and puts returnable books into bookstores... into one that finds ideas, funds the writers that need it, and uses their (authors' and publishers') leverage and skills to promote those ideas to people willing to pay for them, in whatever format is the most efficient way to get that transaction to occur. 
If that doesn't happen, and the industry (led by reactionary old-school CEOs) persists in defining itself as being in the book business, it will be 15% the size it is today by the end of the decade. It's our choice." 
- Seth Godin What Changes Will We See in Book Publishing in the Next 10 Years?
(via GalleyCat)

PS: I thought this might be a nice way to ring in a brand new decade of reading.
PPS: Here here, Mr. Godin!

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