28 April 2010

Social Media Marketing & Publishing: A match made in absolute heaven

SMM is the most natural avenue for publishers to take for one reason: 

Association is what keeps social media churning--people are constantly asking: "WHO/WHAT DO YOU READ?"

Clearly the days of marketers telling consumers what to purchase, where to purchase, and how much to purchase are long gone. (And thank goodness for that--how boring!) Now marketers of consumer goods must figure out how to be the lucky one the consumer picks. Discovering how to wiggle into that position is simple*: find out who the consumer is asking. The age old tradition of asking for a book recommendation is now exactly how the masses choose shampoo, hotels, and shoes.

Inspiration: Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff

*Prof. Sanaj (Consumer Behavior God) would probably cringe if he read that sentence. Obviously I'm oversimplifying here.

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