09 March 2010

5 Before 5: Peanut butter, media overload, and acceptable mooching

The baristas at Starby's must had added a little something extra to my morning coffee because throughout the day I have found myself to be overly enthusiastic about... well, everything--including the blog posts that landed in my reader/tweet deck. Of course, the more likely reality is that I am, in fact, surrounded by insightful Bloginis with lots to share. Which is it? Please take a look at let me know, will you?
  1. "The weird and wacky in publishing (Your Questions Continued)" (via Editorial Ass) Hilarious blogger ends up in hilarious (and somewhat horrifying) book-related pickles.
  2. "Are You the Peanut Butter" (via The 26th Story) Brad Inman claims that "getting things done in publishing is like trying to swim through a jar of peanut butter." Here are 10 warning signs that you are the peanut butter.
  3. "Is your reading suffering from multimedia overload?" (via Guardian) 
  4. "Mooch with me" (via Book Bench) Profile of a terribly awesome bookswap site called BookMooch.com
  5. "Old Media Monday: Reviewing the Reviewers" (via Omnivoracious)
And a few extra from the archives:

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