01 March 2010

5 Before 5: Gatekeepers, TOC, and Totes

It's Monday and I'm so sorry about that. There is hope, however, because it's also March. On my run this morning I couldn't quite put my finger on what felt different...same road, same shoes, same tunes, and yet still, something was not right. Just as I bounded into mile 3 I realized that it smelled like spring.

It smells like spring.

Enjoy the linkage. I promise kitchen projects later on in the day.
  1. "Math of Publishing Meets the E-Book" (via NYT Media & Advertising)
  2. "Art Spiegelman to Judge Strand Bookstore Contest" (via GalleyCat)
  3. "iPad and the Publishing Conundrum" (via More Intelligent Life)
  4. "Publishing will always needs its gatekeepers" (via Guardian Book)
  5. "Take-Aways From Tools of Change 2010" (via 26th Story) At least make sure to check out the "quick and dirty" observations near the bottom. Good stuff. 

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