20 December 2009

Gameday Grub: Shrimp and Corn Chowder

I am a girl who loves her chowder. Didn’t taste the stuff until after leaving home but once I dipped my spoon into that first bowl of onions, cream, and spice, I never looked back. My first taste of clam chowder was consumed (appropriately) in Boston, after rowing in The Head of the Charles. My first bowl of corn chowder? In the dining hall at school with my cream-based-soup-addicted roommate, Molly.

With snow on the ground and football on the television, this evening seemed like a perfect time for a pot of soup. The trouble is that I have a hard time making chowder because of all the heavy cream. Unless it’s a special occasion, the “glug glug” of pouring cream into a pan gives me the shivers. This recipe swaps fat free evaporated milk for cream and it tastes just the same. Swear!

 Deliciously yours,

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