21 December 2009

Cozy, in excess:

When Christmas rolls around, when snow falls, when going outside requires the applying of clothing in rounds--these are the the times to overdose on cozy. This afternoon, while I was nannying for a sweet 1 year-old, I began to think about what creates the perfect cozy wintertime reading spot. 20 minutes of searching during naptime produced the images above.
From the top:
  1. Hand Knit Wool Wrap Sweater from Brook Farm General Store
  2. Pride and Prejudice Mug from Brookish (detail: "How shall I bear so much happiness!")
  3. Sibley Floor Lamp from Anthropologie
  4. In the Library (scent) from CB I Hate Perfume
  5. Personal Library Kit from Fredflare.com
  6. Eco- friendly firewood from Dirt Works
  7. La Cafetiere Pura Orange Ceramic French Press from Central Chef
  8. Brahms Mount Linen Day Blanket from Brook Farm General Store
*Note: I realize I'm missing, um, a chair/couch/bed as well as actual reading material. What can I say? 1 year-olds have been known to take short naps on occasion.

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