14 June 2010


Well week and book one of my 13 weeks/13 books/13 miles project has come to a close...

Let's get one thing straight: I am not a reviewer. I have consistently shied away from offering anything other than a friendly book suggestion. I know that I tend to overuse gushy adjectives and my critical eye is a not as sharp as I'd like it to be.  Book reviewing is an art form and it's one that I have not yet mastered.

Now, all of that said, I don't see the harm in writing a teeny tidbit to express how I felt about this book-- something short, sweet, and (hopefully) taken with a very large grain of salt.

Blogosphere, I'd like to present, for your consideration, the book review haiku*:

Once a Runner: A Novel by John Parker, Jr.

inspiring read
I wish I'd read in high school,
read with your kicks close.

Up next: The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac. I'm going back to Cali, Cali...

 *For this particular experiment I am merely following the 5/7/5 structure and taking "on" to signify a syllable. Don't get all haiku police on me, por favor.

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